My Top 5 insights from Brighton SEO

Content/Uploaded by Holly Hudson/September 2015

Brighton SEO is a fantastic bi yearly conference where global marketing and business experts come together to impart their wisdom during a two day event on everything SEO and this September was certainly no different. Past years have focused heavily on technical SEO and strategy and the conference was mostly attended by SEO specific professionals. This has shifted in recent years as SEO is no longer the practice of the office geek sat in the…

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Why Your Conversion Rate is About to Drop

Search/Uploaded by David Tapp/September 2015

Well, what AdWords tells you your conversion rate is, is about to drop. Your actual conversion rate may well be going up – if it’s not, feel free to give one of our CRO experts a call. Currently conversions are conversions. Whether a click or page visit, any completed conversion action shows in the AdWords Conversions column. With the only variable being whether the conversion is unique per-session or can be converted multiple times. As…

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To The Agile Purists: It’s Time To Change

Consultancy/Uploaded by Charlie Lycett-Smith/September 2015

Many (many) years ago, when I first started learning how to shepherd designers, developers and testers, my mentors taught me in the ways of Waterfall Project Management. It was the done thing. Design it, build it, test it, release it. We all know the inherent problems that Waterfall brought with it, especially within a Digital Agency environment so I won’t trawl through them here. However, it’s important to mention that, frustratingly, there was a resistance…

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Less Is More With Google’s New Logo

Creative/Uploaded by Nick Bowring/September 2015

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the new Google logo for a while is what a strange word ‘Google’ is. Pick any word you like, as ordinary and everyday as you can, like ‘lunch’ or ‘caravan', and stare at them, reading them over and over. Say them out loud like a mantra. It won’t be long before they start to look weird and unfamiliar. The second thing that struck me was how…

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