From the Heat to the Rain? Here are seven links to start the bank holiday weekend:
May 23, 2014

What a difference a week makes. From the gorgeous weather last week, it looks to be damp Late May Bank Holiday Weekend. Get plenty of DVDs, visit the local, or take the kids out to jump in puddles. Whatever you do, have a smile on your face and have fun. Here are some things that […]

The Life and Death Consequences of Cyber Bullying
May 22, 2014

The anonymous social network Secret has recently launched in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The app has been a hit with US consumers and it profiting from the overwhelming need of some people – especially teenagers – to share personal information to the online public. Secret joins Whisper,, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and […]

New Functions Help LinkedIn Broaden Global Reach
May 21, 2014

With several changes over the last few months, LinkedIn is trying to position itself as the primary networking and social platform for busy business professionals. Two recent enhancements to LinkedIn went live in the last few weeks. The goal of the new functionality is to help global brands and influencers connect and engage on an […]

Ready for a British Heat Wave? Here are 7 links to start the weekend.
May 16, 2014

Talk of rising temperatures has increased the weekend fever around the country. The beaches surrounding our Devon home base will be buzzing. But, hey, before you start enjoying a shandy, some bbq and the sunshine, here’s what we have been reading this week…   This weekend’s clash between Arsenal and Hull City will give the […]

Can Brands Really Tell Great Stories?
May 14, 2014

There is a reason they are considered classics. Just imagine the royalties that would be paid out every time Cinderella, or Sleepy Beauty, or any other fair-haired princess was read to a child at bedtime. Think about all the times children have slipped off to dream land thinking they could journey to the centre of […]

Friday Means 7 Links for 7 Days
May 9, 2014

With the close to another work week, we highlight some of the big ideas happening in the world of digital marketing.   Clearly filed in the “irony of all ironies” category, there is a great deal of Internet buzz on this video touting the grand ideal of quitting social media. As expected, the plea has […]

The High Stakes Business of Social Networking for Teens
May 8, 2014

Social media applications and platforms are a fast moving industry and developers are all trying to develop the next big thing. And with Goliaths like Facebook and Google buying up breakout start-ups, the potential payoff for creators often outweighs the moral groundings for the app. To appeal to the market and become the next thing, […]

Welcome to May: Seven Links for You
May 2, 2014

Another Bank Holiday Weekday? Don’t mind if we do. As you enjoy the hopeful sunshine and warmer temperatures of Britain in the spring, we will keep our eyes on what is happening in the world of digital marketing. Meanwhile, here’s what we have been reading this week…   Our friends at Search Engine Watch caught […]

Teens and the Lure of Social Media
May 1, 2014

  Part of One of a Three-Part Series from The Organic Agency If you happen to know any teenagers nowadays, there are a few universal truths: they are experts at using smartphones and social media; they have no filter in providing intimate information about themselves; and they are easily hurt and scarred by individuals who […]

Love It or Hate It?: The New Twitter Profile Arrives
April 29, 2014

When Twitter announced it was redesigning its user profiles, bloggers, tech journalists and social media aficionados began the debate of whether or not the change was a good thing. The biggest comment used to describe the new Twitter layout is that the micro-blogging site is trying to copy Facebook. The changes include a larger profile […]


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