Web Design: The Bad & The Ugly

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Web Development and Design

Instead of showing you the best web development techniques and unique designs, I thought that showcasing some of the most extreme examples of bad web development would have a bigger impact.

Needless to say some of these sites may leave you with a headache and the need for some dark sunglasses – they should all come with a warning.


If you’ve managed to re-focus then let’s check out some of the worst mistakes in web development & design…

Jumbled Layout & Bad Navigation

A site should be simple to navigate for the user. A good rule to follow is for the user to get to every page within two clicks. If they can’t find what they are looking for, they are not going to stick around.

This example is just painful.


Too Many Adverts (or something that looks like an advert)

Web users are selective and have learned to stop paying attention to any ads getting in the way of their goal driven navigation. Banner ads, animations and pop-ups tend to be ignored and users can sometimes ignore elements that look similar to adverts.


Obscure Fonts & Font Size

Where web development and design should be creative, trying to use obscure fonts on a webpage can sometimes backfire. It’s advisable to use cleanest and clearest fonts for content and be creative with logos and headings.

Make the font size readable but also, make the content accessible to everyone by allowing the user to change the text size if they need to.


Walls of text

Content is king, but break your text up into manageable chunks!

Violating Design Conventions

Users like consistency within a website and between similar sites. They form expectations of a site based on what is commonly done by others, (Use It). Don’t copy your competitors completely, but be aware that if your site is too different and confuses users, they’ll leave!

Opening Too Many Browser Windows

Some have believed in web development that opening new browser windows will keep users on their site (Use It). It not only takes over the user’s machine, but defeats itself. The ‘Back’ button is gone, disrupting navigation, the user clicks off.


Colour Palette

The colour you choose for your site is very important. It should be relevant to the company or product, but it should also be easy on the eye and attractive to the target. The colour should also be considered alongside navigation, what colour does the users tab go when they’re on that page? They should compliment each other.

Don’t blind your users.


This is just some of the worst! There are over 240 million websites on the internet so it’s vital that yours stands out, just not for the wrong reasons.

Great web design is about applying clever web development tools to strike the perfect balance between form and functionality.

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